Bringing colour and brightness to a dull grey world with beautiful paintings and designs

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A Collection Of Randomness

Menagerie Of Mayhem began it's journey in July 2017. Almost a year after I (Fiona) picked up a pencil and started drawing again after many years (I was still in school last time I did anything, and that was a LONG time ago now!)
My partner and I had spent the last two years building up a full time printing business to support us and our two children. We had perfected the process and we had all the machinery. The business began to run itself with very little use for me like in the past. That is when I decided to have my own little something to enjoy!


 It's just me on my own right now. I am the one you talk to, the one who does all the designs and the one who does all the printing and packing. Just a one man (woman) band! 


I currently offer T-shirts, Mugs, Tote Bags and Cushions using the form of sublimation to make the items long standing and bright in colour. All the designs are 100% my own and I have them all stored in a folder at home. I hope you love what you see and enjoy shopping with me!


Fiona x 

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Menagerie Of Mayhem